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Life is Art. Art is Life.

Spinning LED poi on the beach in Yachats, Oregon

Easily entertained with a box of paperclips, my artistic endeavors began when I was four years old . . .

Art has always been a part of my soul. I began drawing at age five and sold my first commissioned charcoal drawing at 15. I studied art at Indiana University and pursued photography, journalism and marketing. After working as a production artist, art director and freelance illustrator for several years, I made my long-term professional career in the corporate market as an account executive and vice president in branded merchandise and marketing. Now I'm on a personal path to explore greater, grander and more rewarding adventures!

I've loved making jewelry for a long, long time and love, love, love couture fashion, photography, costuming & creating re-purposed art from found objects. Everything around us is a wonderful visual interpretation of someone's keen eye & expression of function and design. I find my own personal reward in creating unique, wearable art from antique & vintage jewelry bits, out-of-context artifacts, old & unique practical hardware and semi-precious stones. I make things because I love doing just that. Life is art!

I'm a photographer and celebrate the human spirit in all conditions, diversity, emotions and glory. I enjoy and appreciate art in all forms and am continually inspired and amazed by my artistic friends whose talents are boundless. I love animals, make a mean lasagna, prefer to wander the road less traveled, enjoy exploring off-grid, spin fire poi, and sincerely love to meet people & just listen. I find my tranquility in nature and the mystery of the cosmos. I look forward to discovering what the rest of the planet has to offer around the next bend.

Walking the edge of the mesa, Wiregrass Canyon, Lake Powell, Arizona.

Shoes with a view, Valley of the Gods, Utah.

Preparing for the summit to Wheeler Peak (in distance), Great Salt Basin, Utah.

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